Top 5 Givenchy Perfumes for Women

Imagine looking dashing, sophisticated, and irresistible, but smelling like onions? Complete turnoff!
Perfume is an important part of your daily life. If you smell good, you automatically start feeling good about yourself. A good perfume can lift your personality 100 times, giving you a strong and attractive vibe.
Every woman deserves the best, and Givenchy is definitely the top choice for all confident and beautiful ladies. Their perfumes are the best ones in the market, and we have summed up five of their best perfumes for you to try. Learn about them below.

Play for Her
Launched in 2010, Play for her has woody-floral, balsamic, powdery, and sweet nuances in it. The bottle itself gives off a cool and chic vibe, let alone the fragrance. It is a cheerful perfume that is a blend of some exotic yet amazing ingredients. If you want to look exuberant and smell divine, then Play for Her by Givenchy is the right perfume for you. The perfume has excellent longevity and can work for you around the clock. Be the center of attention in the incredible Play for Her by Givenchy.

Hot Couture
What’s better than hot couture? Nothing at all. By couture, you can already get the elegant vibes to fit your personality perfectly. Are you high maintenance? This sensual perfume will serve your personality right in every way. The perfume is a blend of citrus, floral, sweet, fresh spicy, and woody ingredients. Coming with the vibrant top notes of bergamot, orange, and raspberry to give you a refreshing feel. Apart from it, the musk and sandalwood, vetiver and pepper, magnolia, and amber will provide you with a powerful feeling while wearing it.

The most iconic and classic scent by Givenchy is the Organza for her. It was launched in 1996, holding the trophy of Givenchy’s one of the oldest perfumes. The bottle of the perfume mimics a goddess, which is highly in accordance with the fragrance. This perfume has top notes of African orange flower, nutmeg, green notes, and gardenia. Moreover, the deepness of the perfume is connected with the Virginia cedar, Guaiac wood, intense amber, and sweet vanilla. Honeysuckle, jasmine, walnut, peony, and tuberose gives it a passionate and romantic vibe.

Very Irresistible
It was launched in 2003, and this perfume is an excellent option for people who are a fan of something floral and fruity. The main accord of the perfume contains citrus elements, soft spicy, and floral that will make you fall in love with the fragrance. The bottle itself is so classy and seductive that you will eventually get attracted to its hard-pink color and beautiful texture.

Live Irresistibly
Again a pink-colored bottle with the floral and fruity scent containing tropical, citrus, and sweet as its main accord. The Live Irresistible by Givenchy is a blend of some tropical and exotic fruits and scents that will give your body a fresh touch. If you are a classical or gentle lady, then you will instantly fall in love with this beautiful pink-bottled perfume.