Perfume Review – Avalon Juniper Solid Perfume by Pacifica

Thirteen years ago, in the year of 1996, Brook Harvey-Taylor and Billy Taylor agreed to start Pacifica Perfume. Even in those years, the fragrance market was highly competitive so instead of launching fragrances, they created candles blended with beautiful perfume of their own choice. All were made from natural essential oils. Sales were rocketing.

At Fall 2008, Pacifica launched their range of solid perfumes: Tibetan Mountain Temple, Spanish Amber, Mexican Cocoa, Madagascar Spice and the one I reviewed here Avalon Juniper. All are made from organic coconut and soya wax with natural and essential oils. In short, 100% vegan! Its tiny tin – only the size of bottle cap of Hemaviton Skin Nutrient – eases the wearer to toss it to bags. It also suited the theme of the season: eco & airport friendly cosmetics.

To be frank, I never knew what Juniper is apart from a flash of earthy pine scent. Additionally, my knowledge of where Avalon Island is quite low, beside that mythical story of King Arthur’s Avalon Island. Thus, when finding the entry at, it was quite a surprise finding a real Avalon city at Catalina Island, California, along with its native plan junipers California.

IMHO, this Avalon Juniper is not extraordinary. In fact, I could mistaken it easily with traditional rubbing balm. Actually, when we sniffed the smell directly from its tin, a freshness from grapefruit and flowery heliotrope would come out. A dab on the skin would melt the solid wax, leaving a slightly greasy layer scented with cinnamon and green, earthy juniper. In the end, I felt like I was wearing balm oil. Well..

Apart from that, I admitted there were some times I needed a relaxing me-time, gazing outside the window with a cup of tea, unobtrusive scent made for myself and only to a person sitting next to me. Its spiciness brought warmth to the body and later, to the heart.

Avalon Juniper is sold for $9 per piece at Pacifica Perfume. Unfortunately, they have not send to Indonesia… yet. But, perhaps eBay and Amazon might list the items. Oh, I can not wait to buy Mediterranean Fig or Bali Lime Papaya (though, surely I would rather found papaya in Java. In Bali, orange-lime-coconut juice drink will be more suitable).

Source by Marciana Made Padmi