Silver Perfume Bottles – The Legacy Behind Them

Perfume has been around since ancient time and therefore, perfume bottle too made their appearance around the same time. History takes us through the various stages of the evolution of these bottles from the beginning to how we know them today. In Ancient Egypt, perfumes were kept in containers that were made of alabaster or stone. Perfume bottles from the 15th century BC were made out of glass and were light weight. During this period the Greek too made exceptionally beautiful containers for their perfumes. They were often hand painted and in the shape of animals.

The perfume bottles in Early Europe were designed mainly by goldsmiths, jewelers and artists. They used all kinds of materials to make these bottles including precious metals like silver and stones. Perfume was an essential commodity during these times and hence it was available cheap. It was bought and then transferred into expensive bottles to be stored with the help of funnels. Perfume bottles were also designed to be worn around the neck as a pendant or a locket. Bottles started evolving in the 20th century into the kinds that we see today. However you will find that silver perfume bottles still hold an old world charm that is unbeatable.

Pendant silver perfume bottles

Dating back to the days of early Europe are the silver perfume bottle pendants. These perfume bottles served the dual purpose of being a piece of jewelry as well as an item of use carrying in it the ladies perfume. Today you will find high quality replicas of these perfume bottles pendants in the market as well as on the internet. You can get these bottles in all kinds of shapes. You will find Chatelaine styled Art Nouveau pendants, heart shaped pendants, Victorian style pendants and even pendants that look like mini flasks. All of these brilliantly designed to hold a bit of your favorite perfume and then to put it on to your favorite chain and wear it. You will also find that these perfume bottle pendants make excellent keepsake gifts.

Silver perfume bottles that can be engraved

If you are looking for a silver perfume bottles that you can personalize then you should consider the ones with the simpler designs. For example you will find silver perfume bottles that are plain yet elegantly designed with a classic look. These make for good options if you would like to engrave something on it. You will even get plain silver perfume bottle pendants that you can engrave on.

Victorian style silver perfume bottles

If you are looking for something that looks antique and ornate, you should consider buying a Victorian silver perfume bottle. These bottles come with great ornate designs on them that are replicas of original collectibles. These also make for great heirloom gifts.

Silver perfume funnels

If you are considering gifting someone a silver perfume bottle or pendant you might also want to consider gifting them a silver funnel with it. After all, the mouth of these bottles will not be very large and you will require the help of a funnel to fill them. Most of the silver perfume bottle funnels are made out of solid sterling silver and have small tips so that you can fill your vials, bottles and pendants with ease.

Source by Phil Davies