Best Perfumes for Spring and Summer – 5 Tips on Choosing The Right Ones

Spring is here while summer is just around the corner. With temperatures rising, it is only right to make adjustments not only in the clothes you wear but also in the perfume you use. In general, the best selling perfumes for these seasons tend to be fresh and clean-smelling. Potential scents to choose from include light florals, citrus, fruity and ozonic smelling.

There are many popular perfume brands to choose from including Calvin Klein, Burberry and D&G, unless you prefer to make your own perfume. But if you are looking to buy one of the popular designer perfumes, then you might find it a bit challenging to make a choice from the wide variety of fragrances available on the market. To have an easier time, consider the following tips:

Tip #1: It is the Smell that Counts.

As a consumer, it is easy enough to buy one of the top perfumes just because the bottle looks gorgeous. At the end of the day, it’s what’s inside that really matters so don’t get swayed by the fancy packaging; let your nose be your guide.

Tip#2: Choose According to Your Personality

Buying a perfume is like buying clothes or shoes; you need to make sure it fits your personality. If you are bubbly and fun-loving, a citrus, fruity or light floral scent might just be the perfect choice as they are usually fresh and radiant. If your plan is to be mysterious, nothing beats a sensual oriental scent.

Tip #3: Make Yourself Memorable

When selecting a new perfume, you make sure to opt for one that make you memorable in a good way. Your perfume should actually be an extension of who you are. Having a signature perfume is a good way to achieve this aim, because being associated with a particular scent can make you stand out in some places.

Tip#4: Eau de Parfum vs Eau de Toilette

Perfumesare usually available in different concentrations and it would be best if you know which suits you and your lifestyle. If you prefer your perfume to last long on you, then eau de parfum is a better choice as it generally contains 10% to 15% fragrance essence. Meanwhile, eau de toilette usually contains only 5% to 10% fragrance essence so its scent does not last quite as long as the eau de parfum. Since it does tend to contain more essence, you can expect the eau de parfum to be a bit more expensive than the eau de toilette.

Tip#5: When to Buy and Where to Apply

If you are going shopping for new perfumes, the ideal time to do so is during the afternoon when the sense of smell is at its strongest. However, don’t leave home wearing a scent before going so your olfactory senses is not already overloaded.

The best spots to spray your perfume are on your pulse points, back of the neck and the back of your knees. A good way to trap the scent of your perfume to your body is to spray it on after your shower or bath, when your body is still a bit damp. The water slows down the evaporation rate of the perfume and help the fragrance linger longer on the body.

Knowing how to choose the right perfume no matter the season will stop you from making the costly mistake of buying perfumes that don’t work with your body chemistry. The five tips mentioned should help you make the right choices.

Source by Remy Baker