Christian Dior Bags – What’s So Great About Them?

Let’s face it: No matter how you look at it, a Dior bag is a must have for any girl (read female) who wants to set herself aside from the crowd and who wants to feel special from deep down.

Granted, they are not the cheapest thing you can buy, buy trust me they will be worth every penny, and here’s why:

1. If you have ever heard the words high fashion, catwalk elegance and sophistication all used in one sentence, its likely that someone was talking about Christian Dior. Literally, it’s the biggest fashion house to come out of France. Not just handbags by the way, they are into everything that women love, from dresses to perfume to jewellery. If women love it, Dior probably makes it (Ok, maybe with the exception of chocolate.

2. Dior bags are made for women of all types. “Name your type and let’s offer you a bag” – that is probably a mantra the bag designers at Christian Dior hum to themselves as they work. Tall, slim, full-figured or not, there’s a bag to make you feel your best every time you have it with you.

3. From little handy bags for your keys and lipstick, to that huge Saturday-afternoon-shopping tote, they have them all. The style and variety are enormous. And in each style category, there are more distinctions based on cuts, finishing, special attachments and more. Lovely as they are, it can in fact be quite confusing to buy a Dior bag.

4. They are made of the finest range of materials. Note range. There’s calfskin, leather, pelt, suede, cloth, canvas. And doesn’t this make sense since they make so many different styles of bags? And the designers go all out; they can make a bag out of say for example, of treated calfskin, and add a trimming of lambskin. Is that a treat for a bag or what? That’s how versatile their range of bags is.

5. And the other thing, they are made to last. A Christian Dior bag will be around a lot longer than you probably anticipate. And you will likely just switch it for another one anyway, because their bags have a way of making you fall in love with them.

6. There are some of us who love a big that fits all our bits – and us girls have lots of bits! Dior has created the perfect line of bags. They are BIG. Don’t get me wrong, they are not so be as to make you look ridiculous. In fact, they are just big enough to make you look totally fashionable. So there’s a bag for moms, and all the other women who want to have all their things in one bag. And its not a dump either – they are compartmentalized to make sure that you have some order in there. They come in especially handy when you are traveling – your laptop, make up and anything you’ll need on board comes with you as hand luggage!

We can go on and on, but these bags speak for themselves really. You know you deserve a treat. Give yourself one today. In fact, if you’re not sure whether or not to buy yet, I suggest that you check out different Christian Dior bags online. By the time you’re done, I can assure you you’ll want one of those cuties to be yours.

Source by T Sikkink