Can Perfume Affect Your Weight?

Struggles with weight loss is an issue for just about everybody I know. We always hear about the latest diets, and constantly see new products on the shelves promising to make us thin. But did you know that the perfume you wear can also be used as an aide in your weight loss program? Many people find that certain scents make them crave food, while others help them curb their cravings. Read on to see which perfumes have helped some lose weight, and others that help them pack on the pounds.

Scent definitely plays a big part in the foods we crave. Certain scents can help you lose weight, while others can increase your appetite. Musky perfumes, and fragrances in the Spicy family tend to increase appetite and crave certain foods, especially carbs. Alternately, Citrus and Green perfumes have been known to decrease appetite and assist in weight loss. Vanilla scented perfumes have also been known in greatly curbing appetites.

Spicy and musky fragrances are warm and comforting. Spicy perfumes, especially, are made up of cinnamon, ginger, clove and pepper. Many of them smell like cinnamon buns and cake. Some popular Spicy perfumes are Estee Lauder Cinnabar and Chanel Coco. While they smell yummy, wearing them may make you want to go to the nearest bakery.

If you want to lose weight, wear perfumes that are in the Citrus or Green categories, or are vanilla scented. Citrus perfumes are invigorating, lively and energetic. The scent of lemon in particular has been used for centuries in aiding with depression and lack of energy. Spray on a citrus perfume, like CK One Summer or Clinique Happy, for example, before you go to the gym, and you’ll be revved up for hours. The fact that they smell so much like summer will remind you of your diet and how you wish you will look when summer comes.

Green perfumes can also help boost your energy and keep you active. Green perfumes, such as Chanel No. 19 or Escada Sport Country Weekend, make you think of doing something fun and active outdoors, like going for a hike or mountain climbing. Wearing these fragrances can help inspire you to eat healthier and be more active.

Vanilla perfumes, while it sounds like they may increase cravings, actually have been known to do the opposite. The scent of vanilla is often used as an anti-depressant and can help you feel happy and relaxed. Vanilla scented perfumes can help curb your cravings particularly for sweet foods. A study involving a vanilla aroma patch caused people wearing the patch to greatly reduce their intake of sweet foods.

Source by Chaya Langevitz