Does The Packaging Of A Perfume Bottle Matter?

When asked, people said the first factor they consider when choosing perfumes is their fragrance preference. When asked to reconsider if it was the only factor that influenced their choice, they only added “brand” and “designer”. What about packaging? Does it not impact your choice of a perfume? And, if not, then why do designers spend countless hours working on fancy bottles with intricate details?

The question dawned on me after possessing two such gorgeous perfume bottles – a miniature, crystal Eiffel Tower and another a gramophone. Somehow, I could not throw away those bottles like I usually do when they get empty. I also realized that the artistic bottle design was one reason why I chose them from among a line of other fragrances at the mall counter.

Packaging is of great importance to a perfume bottle. It may be secondary, but the design and color of the container has a say in our selection. Something that is different than the usual things around us catches our eye immediately. If given a choice between a cute pot-shaped container with a plastic rose-stopper and a stone-studded charm around its neck and an ordinary rectangular container with golden trimming and emboss work, you will ask to be shown the former first. Companies work with top-class designers to create perfume bottles that are aesthetically beautiful and functional. In doing so, they sell a visual image of the fragrance.

Perfume packaging also differs based on the audience they cater too. Men’s fragrances are bottled in containers with strict lines (typically square or rectangle) and darker colors such as black, metallic grey, blue and crystal clear. Fragrances for women are packed in artistically designed containers. The colors are bright and feminine including shades of blue, purple, pink and red. They are further embellished with stones, charms and ribbon tie-ups. Not only this, they experiment with the design of the bottle and the stopper. Designs include geometrical figures, replicas of real objects and abstract shapes.

Perfume packaging is not only about a dainty and cute design. It also includes materials used to make containers and bottles. Glass is a preferred option. There are two reasons for it. The first is its luxurious look and the second is its ability to preserve the potency of perfume better. Air, heat and light are the three factors that degrade the quality of perfume. It changes its color and smell. Glass containers especially opaque ones protect scents from air, heat and light. Its fragile nature is the only drawback; they have to be handled with care. A few perfume manufacturers use plastic to make the container to promote ease of handling. However, they are weak and the liquids diffuse easily from them. Porcelain, enamel and silver are other materials used.

Perfume bottles also influence the price of the product. The artwork and construction material used determine the price. Many individuals have a hobby of collecting antique perfumes bottles. They hunt garage sales and perfume stores. A few collect perfume bottles and sell it further for a higher price.

Source by Shalini Mittal