Perfume Tester

Are you skeptical about buying a branded perfume bottle just because it has ‘tester’ written on it? Can you wear the perfume just to take trial before buying without annoying the shop owner? Yes you sure can! The testers are meant for that. The tester means the bottle of same perfume that is kept for the consumers to try out before buying.

The perfume company sends some perfume testers to the shops to be used as the sample. However, sometimes various companies purchase these perfume testers and sell them to people at discounted price. Don’t worry! It is legitimate. You may not get the attractive packaging of a regular bottle of perfume, but it smells exactly like the original.

Some of you may think that perfume testers are bottles that are used as samples in the stores. This is not true. Testers for sell are unused perfume bottles. You can save a handsome amount if you buy a tester instead of boxed and packed perfume bottle. For example if the regular perfume bottle is available for $50, the tester of same brand can be bought for $20 to $25.

If you want to buy the testers, you will have to go to the discount store or search on the internet. Do not buy perfume testers on any of the online auction sites. You may end up with a fake or counterfeit perfume bottle. Why buy an expensive fragrance when you can own it at much cheaper rate? Testers are very good for personal collection.

Source by Abhishek L Kumar