12 Things You Should Not Do With Your Perfume

No.1: Keep in mind that the head note will only last 10 minutes. The heart note and base note are the fragrance that will goes with you for a long time. So do not make your decision within 10 minutes.

No.2: The aroma arising from others does not necessarily suits you for the body temperature and habits are different, perfume works differently with different person.

No.3: If you already used perfume, it is not suitable for you to test a new perfume as you may not be able to separate them.

No.4: Do not rub the skin heavily which is sprayed perfume, or damage will be done.

No.5: Do not spray it on your face which will do great harm to your fragile skin.

No.6: Do not spray it on fur or sweater, as the alcohol will harm the stuff and spots may be left. The fragrance will change either.

No.7: Do not spray it on white clothes, or else yellow spots may be left on the surface.

No. 8: Do not spray perfume after wearing jewelry, as the substances like alcohol and oil will turn the pearl from white to yellow. The luster of diamonds and metal will be affected once stained with the perfume.

No.9: Do not use perform to drive away the bad smell give out from your armpits for the smell will turn from bad to worse. You should use products which stops sweat secretion.

No.10: Do not spray the perfume on your hair which may damage your hair. And bad smell might be given off once the dirt, oil and perfume mingled together.

No.11: The alcohol in the perfume will do harm to your skin once being sunned, so you had better not spray perfume if you want to sun yourself or have a sunbath. Or you can use the perfume without alcohol in it.

No. 12: Do not put your perfume in the sun as the smell and color may both change.

Source by Chen Dian