Is Jean Paul Gaultier’s Perfume Sexy?

Do you like Jean Paul Gaultier’s perfumes? Or does the bottle scare you off? Perfume bottles can affect whether we like a perfume or not. It really should not matter, but isn’t that like judging a book by its’ cover? Regardless, the perfume bottle can influence whether you purchase a particular scent. If it is a beautiful bottle, sometimes we may buy it, just to show it off on our vanities. Well, I know I do, what about you? I know I cannot be the only one?

Jean Paul Gaultier is famous for the perfume bottle that is in the shape of a lady’s upper body in a corset! The bottle can be a bit shocking to some, others love it. It is certainly very unique and different next to all your other square glass bottles of perfume. Would you buy it? Does it offend you or does it make you feel like a sexy woman?

Classique, his original fragrance was introduced in 1993. This scent is a sexy, feminine scent, that has a bit of spiciness to it. This perfume contains notes of Rum Essence, Rose Essence, Vanilla Orchid, Daffodil, Bourbon Vanilla, Sweet Amber, Sandalwood Absolute, Tonka Bean, and Amber. This scent has very strong lasting power and is perfect for those nights out.

They say the Classique perfume and all of the following variations of this scent is meant to smell sexy. Both the bottle and the scent are suppose to entice your lover. Does it smell like passionate love making to you? Whether it does or not. Spicing things up in the bedroom is ultimately up to you. Of course a great smelling fragrance will help, but it is all about your attitude.

So the question is are you feeling sexy tonight? Perhaps, a spritz of Jean Paul Gualtier’s Classique perfume will help. Just seeing the bottle alone, can put images into your mind. The sense of smell is a very powerful sense, and this sexy floral scent, may be all you need to add some heat to your love life. Let this scent make you feel more confident, feminine, and sexy, but again it is up to you in the end!

Source by Ally Wilson