How To Choose Your Most Compatible Fragrance

Choosing the fragrance most compatible with your body and natural pheromones is important. Making this choice means learning the best way to do so. Buying a complimentary fragrance is not just picking up any brand and using it. Make your choice by being informed about certain aspects of fragrances and how they fit with your natural scent.

Shop for perfumes as early after waking as you can. Waiting until later in the day gives your olfactory sense time to be assaulted by food and other daily smells. The first scents you smell of the day are the clearest and purest ones. Smelling the truest parts of the fragrance you prefer is easier when you get all pure components working together to produce it.

Use non-performed soap on your skin before shopping for fragrances. You only want your scent to come through when you are trying fragrances out on it. Be sure to also think about the clothing you wear and if the laundry detergent is heavily scented. This can overwhelm the fragrances you test as well.

Most fragrances are broken into two separate categories called notes. The top note group consists of those scents that evaporate quickly. Sometimes these initial smells are that of alcohol used in the blend. The second group is longer lasting and is more of the pure essence of the fragrance. The base note group is the true scent you want to know before making a final purchase.

Make plans to test only three fragrances at your favorite retailer. The reason is due to your olfactory sense only being able to determine the purest scents slowly and one at a time. Be sure to wait a few minutes between the three scents you do choose to try out as well. Most fragrance counters have comfortable seating for waiting during tests.

Your age is another determining factor when selecting body fragrances. Younger people should choose lighter and daintier scents than those chosen by someone with romantic interests in mind. The sultry, passionate fragrance is not a choice you would make for a teen. The time of year should also be taken into consideration also. Spicier scents are more suitable for cooler months while lighter scents are for warmer months.

Make your fragrance shopping a successful experience and make a choice you will be pleased with for a long time to come. In some cases, perfume can be expensive, so making the right choice the first time is also a good way to save money.

Source by Janet Silver