11 Writing Ideas for National Fragrance Month in November

Do you wear cologne, perfumes or eau de toilettes? Do you enjoy the essence of pleasant smelling fragrances? Allow those olfactory glands and writing techniques to charm your emotions, as National Fragrance Month is celebrated during the month of November.

Typically, this is the time of the year where there is an increase in the purchase of many fragrances for holiday gifts. The history of fragrances finds its origins during Biblical times with the familiar offering of sacred and rare frankincense and myrrh. Fragrances were created for and offered as gifts, to gods and emperors. It is also known that fragrances during that time were used in burial preparation to reduce the repulsive odor of dead bodies.

Writers have an opportunity to take advantage of these eleven ideas generated for National Fragrance Month.

1. Write about the history and various ways fragrances were used in ancient times.

2. Write about the different ingredients used in fragrances.

3. What were the most popular fragrances launched in the U.S., France, Germany or Italy? How did those fragrances influence the fragrances produced today?

4. What are the most popular fragrances out right now and why are they popular?

5. Where do designers get their inspiration from when designing their fragrances and complementary containers?

6. When selecting a fragrance for your personal use, do you seek a scent with a woodsy, floral, oriental, citrusy, vanilla or musk note? Write about how to select a fragrance based on certain notes.

7. How are notes important to the evaporation process?

8. When is the best time to put on a fragrance and define the ways to layer a fragrance.

9. What is the best way to try out a fragrance and why are pulse points so important?

10. What is the history and evolution of fragrance containers?

11. Do you enjoy aromatic scents that accent the atmosphere of the indoor air in your home? What types of fragrances complement indoor air environments versus those people wear?

The essence of essential oils and other fragrant ingredients entice the senses into a pleasant memory. At other times, certain events can trigger the memory of an offensive scent. Search for open markets that accept submissions for fragrance related topics and other themes where writing about fragrances can fit in. Depending on the angle you choose, online ezines, blogs, newspapers, circulars, collector’s magazines, trade magazines, fashion magazines or writing a fragrance inspired literary piece can open up many writing opportunities that could turn out to be relevant and lucrative.

Source by Kym Gordon Moore