Ethnic Specialty – Russian Goods

Russia is well known to be “land of stuff”.

There are many ancient – style products produced in Russia – products, which have very long history.

For example, let us review history of Russian shawls.

At ancient Rus, women should not walk somewhere with un-covered head.This tradition was common before Christianization and continued after Russia accepted Christianity from Eastern Rome Empire (Byzantine). According Eastern Rome Christianity, Orthodox Christian women should not enter to the church with not covered head.

This fact caused popularity of shawls in Russia – and they are very popular till nowadays.

Predecessor of Shawl was Ubrus – common wear for many Indo-European nations.

Ubrus is the veil – was a cloth kerchief made of linen or fine silk. It was often embroidered in a colored pattern at the ends.

It was wrapped around the head and went under the chin where it was pinned together. One of the ends hung down to the shoulder.

It was approximately 2 meters long and 40-50 cm wide. The veil was either pulled down low on the brow or tied up higher so that the front part of the povoinik could be seen for a little more ornamentation” (Stamerov, 1978; in Kiev`, 2000).

Tradition to wear Ubrus is still common in many Salvonic nations, it is still used at India and has a long history, which is not well known, but probably come to the days of eldest Middle East civilizations.

Another example of specialty Ethnic goods is Russian perfumes and Eau De Colognes.

Let us say, Troynoi (Triple) Eau De Cologne.

It is known due to the fact it is father of all Eau De colognes – it is original “Cologne water” produced due to Napoleon decree of 1810.

This scent was very popular – Napoleon used it too and during war of Napoleon with Russian Czar first Eau De Cologne appeared at Russian Empire.

In 25 years since Napoleon invasion Henry Brocar – French living at Moscow, established perfumeryfactory and most popular Eau De Cologne produced was “Scent of Napoleon” – Troinoy.

And – surprise – scent remained practically unchanged since Napoleonic war – it is in fact, the same since 1810 !

Scent include Lemon, Bergamot, Neroli. Name Troinoi (Triple in Russian) was given exactly due to 3 scents used. Even label and bottle still made in old traditions of 19th century Brokar factory. This Eau De Cologne was very popular in Napoleonic times Russian army, than – at 1st world war times army, and finally – Russian revolution have not destroyed this scent – it was popular and still popular in Russian army.

Same as of still produced perfume “Red Moscow”. Before revolution this scent was named “Favorite Bouquet of Empress”. And it was really so – they was named this way due to the fact, it was favorite scent of Katherine the Great!

Interesting history stands behind Russian Linen – made table runners. Issue is – they embroidered with same technique as thousands years ago and there are many special symbols embroidered. Scientists still does not know for sure – what does that symbols mean.

Long time ago, before Christian times, that symbols had religious meaning. Russian linen – made items (and Russian linen is still best in the world) was used for special purposes, and still used for wedding, for baptizing child. Symbols were religious, but persons who embroider them nowadays hardly know all the meaning – usually they follow traditions of ancestors.

Source by Alexander Geida