How to Layer Body Lotions From Trelivings Products With Designer Perfumes

A perfume addict always has a difficulty in finding perfect body lotion that will complement the smell of the perfume she wears. It is even harder to find the one that enhances the perfume complex ingredients. That is why I am obsessed with body lotion, body cream or any moisturizer.

On the contrary, I just can not stand the fact that most of local body lotion – Vaseline, Citra, Sari Ayu, Nivea – have nice smell when applied alone but horrible when mixed with perfume. Alas, they even break the magic of perfume. Hence, sometimes I need to run from one store to another, just to find unscented lotion.

Then, this afternoon, my heart leapt when a bottle of Earthly Possessions body lotion just surfaced out of nowhere in the store near my office. Well, I am dramatizing a little bit, actually. There was this small bazaar that sells discontinued products, and there I found them: a range of Earthly Possessions products from Trelivings. It is a well known brand from an Australian company Evodia. It always produces yummy range of natural products scented with fruits and flowers. All will induce your greatest desire to purchase them all.

I bought a bottle of this hard-to-find-scented-lotion of Coconut & Lime for a bargain price of USD 2! The seller said that usually the products are normally priced as AUD 22. You know, my friend said instantly,” What? Is there any person in this world who wants to smell like coconut? That is definitely absurd, lady.” It is possible, buddy. And, that person is definitely me, especially considering that the body lotion texture is smooth and heavenly. It is also absorbed instantly by my skin, leaving it clean but well-moist. It adds more details to my sweet scent of Escada Rockin’ Rio perfume.

Besides Coconut & Lime, Trelivings has other scented lotions that are perfect for particular perfumes like below:

• Fig & Cinnamon range is matched for Kadotta perfume from Michael Storer

• Frangipani range is suitable Amour perfume from Kenzo

• Honey & Jasmine range is definitely a winner. It is perfect for any range of jasmine-based perfumes, which are many. For example, J’adore by Dior or Acqua di Gio by Armani. This lotion can be used to tone down No 5 from Chanel, though it will alter its famous scent a bit.

• French Riviera range for any vanilla-based perfumes included, but not limited to, Classique from Jean Paul Gaultier, Gloria by Cacharel, Dior Addict, The Body Shop Vanilla and Anna Sui Sui Dreams. A tiny drop of perfume will do as it will be too heavy to be worn together.

• Blue Mountains Magnolia range is for magnolia-based

Source by Marciana Made Padmi