The Positive Impact of Globalization

With globalization on the rise, physical barriers or location constraints are not an issue anymore. People living miles abroad can communicate with one another without any hassle. This major change can be attributed to the rapid advancements in communication. People can stay connected with one another irrespective of the time differences in between or the physical gap due to the internet. Previously, foreign trips used to take a major chunk of a company’s budget. Nowadays with VOIP clients have made it possible to conduct business with people living continents apart. You can not only talk to them but also conduct video conferences in real time. All the gigantic multinationals that we all are familiar with have used this factor greatly to their advantage and have saved costs as a result.

People living abroad can easily reach out to their home countries in a matter of seconds. Telegram and postal letters are a thing of the past. Everything has shifted to the internet now. Electronic email popularly known as email is what people rely on these days. It is fast, reliable and cheap – only requirement is that you have an internet connection. The mode of communication has been backed by the advancements in transportation. It won’t be wrong to say that these two factors progressed hand in hand and made our world a global village as a result.

The logistics companies that are operating worldwide have greatly benefited from these recent advancements in transportation and communication. The delivery time that these logistic companies used to take has gone down drastically. Some courier service providers offer same day delivery services if the package is to be delivered intra city. If a package is to be sent from Pakistan all the way to Canada, it takes 3 days in total. The logistic firms need to not only cut down on the time they take to make these deliveries but also ensure that the package that the customer wants delivered reaches the other end safe and sound. The courier service providers need to take special care of perishable or fragile goods. Perishable items include cakes, snack packs and other food items while fragile items include gift items such as perfume bottles, glass decoration pieces, etc. These packages need to be carefully handled in order to avoid breakage or hampering the perishable product during transportation. Send something special to your friends and family and let them know how special they are.

Source by Ghazanfar A Naqvi