Five Men’s Fragrances You’ve Never Heard of (But Should Know About)

There are a plethora of personal fragrances available today. Just take a quick stop into any department store, and begin to feel that light-headedness from the wave of fragrances coming from their various scents for men and women.

However, one should never limit themselves to the norm. There is a whole world of little-known, or at the very least lesser-known fragrances for men and women alike. I’d like to introduce a handful of select fragrances that make wonderful choices for men. Fragrances that you know three or four out of gathering of men are each going to be wearing. Immediately you know this isn’t going to be about Old Spice (though I like it AND their commercials). Everyone is familiar with that scent. It’s a classic for sure. But no, this article is about cologne for men that you likely have never heard of before.

The first one I want to tell you about is Inis the Energy of the Sea from Fragrances of Ireland. This is perfect for either men or women. I will say unisex colognes were a mystery to me. I know scents smell differently on different people, but I didn’t realize how true that could be. I tested it on myself and my husband. On me, the top note of citrus was clear. On him, it moved onto a deeper spicy scent. We could actually share a bottle of Inis, if we desired, and no one would even realize it’s the same fragrance. This company, out of Ireland, uses beautiful pictures and uplifting words for their packaging. They have their own lavender fields (can you imagine?) that they harvest and use in other Fragrances of Ireland products like their more feminine scent Sonas. Fragrances of Ireland also produces a “sister scent” to the Energy of the Sea known as Inis Moonlight.

The second little known men’s fragrance on this list is Niven Morgan Rue. Niven Morgan himself is a world traveler and draws his inspiration from the many places he has visited. Rue 1807 Black Cyprus cologne is a fine example of his time in New Orleans. With its fragrant notes of Absinthe, bourbon cypress, moss, vetiver and incense, it screams that the wearer is a man of mystery! Niven Morgan is a firm believer that packaging matters. That is confirmed in the striking box and sleek bottle this cologne yields.

My third choice is Fragonard’s Concerto. It has a citrus fragrance with a bit of tea, amber and jasmine thrown in. It reminds me of a sporty, jeans wearing, kind of cologne that could be worn year-round. The company has production and stores in Grasse, Eze, Cannes, Saint-Paul de Vence, Nice and Paris. Fragonard Parfumeur been passed down to generations since 1926. Museum tours at their factory in Grasse are free and will take you through the production process. Fragonard was also featured in an episode of The Amazing race, where the contestants had to mix selected fragrances from an array of oils. It seems they indeed welcome the public to the process of making fragrance products.

My fourth pick is Santal 33. It is a unisex cologne that is more on the masculine side. It is made by Le Labo, a company founded in France. They have unique properties that made me put them in this list. For instance, the 33 stands for the amount of raw ingredients in the product. Also unique is the ability to personalize your bottle. Each order is mixed on demand after you place your order. That may seem old school in a world where we get everything on a “now” basis. To me, that adds to the charm. It’s like they are making this fragrance just for me. Wait, they are! Another interesting fact is that they have stores in New York, Tokyo, Paris, London, San Francisco, Dubai, Chicago and Los Angeles. Even more interesting is that they carry fragrances exclusive to each of these cities.

Tauer perfume is a Switzerland based perfume company. With that said, my last cologne picked for this list is Cologne du Maghreb by said company. It is also made for men or women with its light citrus scent with a cedar and vetiver base. It is for a warm summer day, but could be worn in any season when you need a pick me up. This perfume house was founded in 2005 by Andy Tauer. He is self-taught and uses all natural raw ingredients. He is accessible through different social medias. In reading his blog I found that in one order he included a hand painted birthday card! That’s just fun, and I’m sure it made the order even more special. He doesn’t guarantee every order a small painting or drawing, but it seems there could be that chance.

Source by Jessica Staszak