Perfume Tips From A to Z

With that in mind I have compiled a list of favorite perfume tips and tricks for those of us where fragrance is our passion or just a hobby. I have arranged these in alphabetical order and though there are endless possibilities I have only provided one per letter.

A is for Atomizer – this is a great way to apply perfume. The bulb asserts just the right amount of fragrance to your desired pulse points.

B is for Box – don’t throw away the box that your perfume came in. Many of us have several fragrances that we rotate depending on the season. Storing them back in their original box will protect them from heat and light.

C is for Compliment – we all love to receive compliments so when someone wears a nice scent make sure to tell them that. It’s also a great way to start a conversation about what they are wearing.

D is for Diary – keeping track in our head what a particular fragrance smells like can be very overwhelming. Start a diary jotting down what you smelled and whether it was one that’s of interest and might consider purchasing at a later date.

E is for Evocative – perfume designers grab our attention by the evocative names they give their creations.

F is for Friends – just because a fragrance smells great on your friend doesn’t mean it will on you. Each person’s body chemistry dictates how a fragrance will smell on someone.

G is for Gender – many women love cologne that has been marketed for men. If it is a scent that you enjoy, then wear it.

H is for Headache – this is the worst time to go shopping for perfume when you have a headache. In some cases our olfactory senses are more heightened thus making the shopping experience dreadful.

I is for Inventory – if you are like some people, they enjoy picking up perfume samples. Without a list of what you have you may end up with many of the same samples.

J is for Joy – talk about what gives you joy. If you enjoy a certain fragrance or designer then tell your friends about it or write a blog.

K is for Keep – some people feel that as soon as a perfume bottle is empty they should throw it away. There are many things that can be done with empty perfume bottles. Use them for display, as a small vase, or add colored sand or beads in them. The possibilities are endless if you are creative.

L is for Layering – don’t discard a fragrance you don’t like. A small spritz with another fragrance layers the two scents and that way you are not discarding something that you don’t like.

M is for Miniatures – most women like to carry their perfume in their purse or handbag. Miniatures are a great way to do that and they don’t take up much room.

N is for Notes – knowing the top, middle and base notes of a perfume is important. Being able to decipher the composition of a fragrance helps to determine what you like.

O is for Opinion – get your friend’s opinion on the fragrance you are wearing. What you think smells great may be offensive to others.

P is for Pleasure – wearing perfume should bring pleasure to your life. Life is too short to not have some pleasure in it.

Q is for Quality – there are many knock off perfumes on the market today. Don’t waste your hard earned money on less than quality fragrances.

R is for Read – if unfamiliar with perfume, then read blogs, articles and online forum messages on the subject.

S is for Storage – perfume should be properly stored in a cool dark place. Avoiding direct sunlight will ensure that your fragrance lasts longer.

T is for Travel – don’t be afraid to take your favorite perfume when you travel.

U is for Unscented – if you are looking for an unscented product make sure the label says “scent-free”.

V is for Visit – don’t be afraid to visit websites to find your favorite scents.

W is for Work – be cautious what you wear to work. The scent from perfume does not always react the same to everyone and may cause physical symptoms.

X is for X-rated – don’t be afraid to shy away from your comfort zone. You may find that you prefer a more earthly scent from your normal delicate floral one.

Y is for Year – fragrances change with the seasons. Many designers come out with holiday scents at are only available during that time of year.

Z is for Zero – don’t be afraid to go a day without perfume.

I hope you enjoyed my list of tips and tricks. Make one for yourself and see what you come up with.

Source by Patti Zimmerman