My Kind of Candle

My Favorite Candles By far and away: my favorite candle has to be Clean Cotton made by Yankee Candle. I have never been a person who has like perfume, but rather like clean natural scents like using bleach to clean or simply enjoy the smell of clean sheets that have been hung out to dry. Yankee Candle makes the best candles in the world and have a sterling reputation for such and with good reason. When the produce a candle, you can be guaranteed it’s going to smell wonderful. I own cats and smoke, so at times I will light a candle and it relieves this house of annoying smells.

Yankee Candle also makes car fresheners, so I use those, too in my car. There’s something very soothing when you burn a candle. It reflects a warm glow and is very peaceful to look at. Everyone knows that when it comes to a Christmas gift I will enjoy, just give me a Yankee Candle. At Christmas I like to use Christmas Cookie. That wonderful smell actually makes me want to bake up a batch of Christmas cookies. There is a Yankee Candle shop in Searstown Mall that always entices me to go in and have a look around, just because the aroma coming out into the mall is just to tempting to not go have a look and see if there are any new candles that I must have.

Give me a candle any day of the week over perfume. Votive candles can also be used when taking a bath. What a relaxing way to soothe your troubles away. Just sit in a hot tub with this wonderful scent and warm glow surrounding you with perhaps a glass of wine and you should be relaxed in no time at all. For a cost of a little more than twenty dollars, for a large bottle, I think this is a wonderful way to pamper yourself. You could also buy the votives at a very reasonable price and try several different kinds and pick and choose your favorites. I also give Yankee votives as Christmas gifts to several people. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t appreciate the thought. I have tried other candles that were cheaper and have been disappointed every time. They just don’t have that lasting, wonderful aroma that a Yankee Candle does. It’s better to pay for the best. And when you give them as a gift people will know you cared enough to give the best, too.

Source by Lisa Dillin