Ambush Perfume by Dana – The Best Gift for Christmas

As we all know, perfumes make a beautiful gift for the reason that the recipient will remember you every time he or she wears the fragrance that came from you. And with elegant fragrances from many well-known perfumeries, everyone will be thinking of you and appreciating your sweetness for a very long time. The House of Dana Collection is a great source of high quality scents like Ambush Perfume, Incognito, California, Chantilly, Freesia, Raffinee, and Le Jardin for women; it also has men’s fragrances like Canoe, Fathom, English Leather, Navigator, Monsieur Musk and British Sterling.

The Women’s line has been in the industry for a long time now; as a matter of fact, the original Ambush has been around for more than 50 years now. Its floral and fruity scent has been a part of culture and has maintained its appeal to ladies of all ages. The Chantilly has also gained much popularity because of its oriental feel that makes it a perfect finale before a romantic evening out. The other wonderful scents are equally attractive as these are all made by a reputable company that uses only the most superior ingredients and materials for its products.

The Men’s line of perfume is also widely popular among men as these are especially made not only to please those who are conscious of their hygiene but for the women in their lives too. The British Sterling in particular has such a masculine scent of woods and citrus that men love to wear it when they take out their dates at night. This has such an attractive effect on women as the fragrance is both romantic and gentle. The Canoe is also a trendy choice for daytime wear especially for young men as this has a spicy and lavender feel that is combined with some citrus notes for a light and carefree appeal. You can also get the intriguing earthy smell of Monsieur Musk as this will fit any respectable man perfectly.

So if you’re thinking of the best gifts to give to your dear friends and family members this Christmas season, then make it a bottle of perfume from the House of Dana. You can choose from the wide selection of men and women fragrances that will surely leave a lasting impression with the recipient of your gift. Start shopping for Christmas now before the holiday rush gets out of hand.

All these wonderful fragrances of the Dana Collection can be purchased online at very affordable prices. You can get Ambush perfume for as low as $5 and British Sterling for about $7 per bottle. All other Dana fragrances and beauty products are available in different packages and prices too.

Source by Angela Zalameda