How to Put a Smile on Your Wife’s Face

Before getting married a man and his fiancé should spend ample time getting to know each other. They should each learn about the opposite gender very well. Men and women are extremely different in every sense. There is a great book called “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” which describes the differences of men and women in detail. It is a great idea for each partner to read this before they get married, and to keep a copy handy for after the wedding and constantly be learning how to improve their marriage.

One very important thing a husband must know before getting married, is what will make his future wife happy. Not all women are exactly the same in what they feel is important in their lives. It is true that women in general have a desire to look as beautiful as possible. It is very rare that a woman will not care about her looks. But different women feel differently about what will make them look gorgeous. For example, some women find make up and cosmetics to be the most important part of getting dressed. They feel that if their face looks pale and dry, there is no point of putting on nice clothing, and fancy shoes. Other women think that jewelry is the most vital part of a woman’s dress. They think that the first thing that everyone notices about them is their earrings, necklace, and bracelet. It is important to get to know what she enjoy and what she appreciates. Then there are women who will not leave their house without applying perfume. Even if they are heading out to the gym to workout, they will make sure to put on their perfume.

Obviously, the longer a couple is married, the more they will get to know each other and the more they can tap into what each spouse appreciated. In general, men are very eager to make their wives happy. There is nothing more satisfying to them than to know their wife is happy. Therefore, it would be such a waste for a man to and to spend so much of his hard earned money and work so hard searching for the perfect present for his wife, only to bring home something she has absolutely no interest in. For example, if a husband went out and bought a really expensive bottle of perfume for her when all his wife really loves wearing is jewelry let, he would feel really let down and she would feel extremely disappointed.

In conclusion, men and women are extremely different. Therefore it is vital for a man to really spend time and effort to discover what his wife enjoys. By doing this, he can really bring her joy, and as a result he will be a very happy man himself.

Source by Etty Cohen