Your Complete Guide to Perfumes

Deciding a birthday gift for a friend or an anniversary gift, that too on last minute, is no doubt a tough task. However, nothing beats a good perfume bottle as a gift when stuck in such a dilemma. Just pick up a good cologne bottle, wrap it in a nice and attractive manner and see all your problems solved. No one can dislike good smelling cologne. It’s a utility item, a fashion item and will add on to the recipient’s collection of scents.

Every individual has a different taste in perfumes. Thus, it is extremely important to choose a fragrance according to the recipient’s sex, preferences and personality. It is a tough job but do not fret as a pleasant and soothing smell is welcomed by all.

While buying perfume gifts, make sure that you have a fair idea about the recipient’s taste in brands. However, if you have no knowledge about his/her favourite cologne brand then you can go in for any good smelling and highly reputed brand, which comes within your budget. A good scent with a good brand tag makes for even a better gift, especially if the recipient is brand conscious.

Types of Perfumes:

It is important that you have a fair knowledge about types of scents. Colognes are priced and categorised according to their alcohol and fragrance oil content:

Eau De Toilettes and Eau De Colognes: These are the least expensive as they contain only 3% to 8% fragrance with the rest being water, colour and alcohol. Eau De Colognes are also known as ‘Chypre’.

Eau De Parfum: These are stronger as they contain real perfume oils from 8% to 15%. They last longer.

Perfume: these are the strongest and most long lasting, around 6hours. They contain 15% to 30% oils.

Types of Fragrances:

There are many different categories of fragrances:

Woody: these are fragrances that are highly dominated by woody smells like that of Sandalwood, Cedar, Agarwood, Patchouli, etc. These are best suited for people with a bold and confident personality as they are very masculine in smell.

Citrus: these make for a refreshing scent and are mostly categorised as Eau De Colognes, due to the low drive of citrus fragrances. These scents contain aromas of citrus fruits like lemon, orange, grape fruit, lime, etc. Best for bubbly and lively people and young girls.

Fruity: these feature the aromas of fruits (other than citrus fruits) like peach, passion, mango, black currant, etc. Basically these are Women’s Perfumes.

Gourmand or Food fragrances: these are fragrances that contain aromas those are edible or have desert like qualities and resemble food aromas. These features aromas like vanilla, chocolate, cherry, coffee, etc. These basically appeal to younger customers with a nose for different and foody smells.

Aquatic or Oceanic Fragrances: these are a latest category, which features a ‘watery’ and ‘earthy’ smell. Mostly loved by Beach goers. Best brand for this type is Surfume, which is available in 10ml and 50ml bottles of vanilla, pina colada and Frangipani fragrances.

Choose the best fragrance for your friend and see him/her go wow over your gift!

Source by Erric Ravi