How to Flirt With a Young Woman – The Art of Flirting With a Young Woman

How to flirt with a young woman is a problem that worries you, isn’t it? Flirting is definitely fun, and especially so if you meet a charming young woman. However, flirting should be done in style. Women can point out the truly classy guys from the fake ones, so here, you need to be careful.

Yes, you got it right; women are that sharp though they pretend to be otherwise. You now need a few simple tips on how to flirt with a young woman. So long as the girl is young these tips will definitely work!

The trends of the modern times are changing. If you are faced with the problem of flirting with a young woman, then you need some help. Today, younger men want to flirt with older women. This trend has its own pitfalls too. Studies have revealed that older women consider younger men as toys and not ‘serious relationship material’.

Furthermore, men feel like being in their company because what they want is a sense of maturity in their women. All said and done, an older woman is not exactly your best bet. So, the first tip towards flirting is to find a woman who is younger than you!

The next time you see a striking looking young woman all by herself in a corner of the discotheque, make your move. Do not by all means, shy away! Make the first move. At this stage, you need to signal that you have not forgotten chivalry and thus, you need to strike a conversation. Do not expect her to walk up to you; after all, laziness never did any wonders for anyone.

Flirting always starts with an interesting conversation. When you walk up to her, avoid tried and tested lines like ‘hey beautiful! You are all alone?’ Instead, think of something original like ‘I love the ambience, do you?’ Be creative and let that show in your pick up lines. Remember, the trick is to appear different and not ‘like the others’. Your smart and sassy young woman is better off without the run of the mill type of men.

The next important thing for a man facing the problem of flirting with a young woman is the eye contact. A good eye contact is indispensable if you want to be a good flirt. With that young gorgeous woman, you need to connect on a delicate, and yet, a non-verbal note. Eye contact translates into looking into her eyes deeply and not staring at her assets anyway. Look at her the same way you would look at suspected remains of a UFO. Genuine interest is an absolute must.

You must understand that a smart and attractive woman is capable of striking up an interesting conversation as well. So, pay indisputable attention to what she is saying. She would definitely have marked you as a ‘different type’ as against the ‘typical male’. Young women no longer would want to stick around stereotypical men, they sound better only in black and white flicks.

Learn to pay attention to the details. Notice what she wears and how she looks. Of course, we know that you would not take the pains to flirt if you found her unattractive, but a timely compliment never hurts right? Be generous in your choice of words and do not go overboard with your flattery. She will just not believe you. No matter how well-groomed you are, how much you spend on your bottle of perfume or how many times you shave in a week, learn the perfect smile.

There is no doubt about the fact that women will notice the small details like dirty socks and unkempt hands, but the fact that you take good care of your appearance should not mean you drop that smile. The next time you set out on your flirting expedition, smile and approach her. You would have won half the battle!

Source by Sun Yung