Review of Aramis Aftershave For Men

Aramis for men has a long history, in fact this particular fragrance, which could be described now as being a classic formal fragrance, was introduced by the Aramis design house in 1965. Any fragrance that can last over 40 years in a competitive market place really must be one of the best around. Unlike many other men’s aftershaves that are on the marker at the moment this particular cologne or fragrance really is a true aftershave because of its aromatic content. From a technical view point many products that are called aftershaves are not and in fact fall into the group of Perfumes called Eau de Toilette’s (EdT), or Eau de Colognes (EdC). Unfortunately many customer or purchases of fragrances are uncertain of what these terms mean although they have a major influence on the retail price. Although the figures for aromatic compounds within the product vary from designer the following is usually true:

Perfume – these contain between 20%-40% of the aromatic fragrance compounds. Perfume is sometimes referred to as “eau de perfume” or “millésime”

  • Eau de parfumes (EdP)- these contain between 10-30% of the aromatic compounds
  • Eau de toilettes(EdT) – these contain between 5-20% of the aromatic compounds
  • Eau de colognes(EdC) – these contain between 2-5% of the aromatic compounds
  • Splash and After shaves typically contain just 1% to 3% of the aromatic compounds.

As you may have guessed, the aromatic compounds tend to be the most expensive component and are diluted down with a combination of water and denatured alcohol, as the concentration of the fragrance increases so does the price. However it should be remembered also that the length of time that the scent will be sustained on the skin also extends with the concentration of aromatic compounds that are in the final product

Aramis Classic Aftershave for Men has a recommended retail price of £29 for a 120ml (4.1 fl. oz) bottle. Although if you are prepared to do a bit of research and shop on-line you can find it for as low as £20.

The product is packaged in a square shaped clear glass Bottle with distinctive gold top over the pump dispenser. The box the product comes in is a leopard style packaging with shades of browns. The description on the packaging calls it a ‘cooling tonic for a man’s face’ and states that it is provocative, expressive and utterly masculine. It also has a warning that it is flammable until dry.

The Aramis aftershave itself is dispensed by using a pump spray. Because of the concentration of the product only a small amount is necessary to deliver the distinctive scent, so don’t be as liberal with it as you would with a cheaper supermarket type aftershave. The aftershave also lasts a reasonable amount of time, which is another reason that you do not need to drench yourself with it.

The Aramis aroma is a very pleasant one with its fragrant nature exploring essences of bergamot, cumin and jasmine. You will also find notes of patchouli (a bushy herb of the mint family), amber and musk (used in perfumery since the 5th Century AD, originally from the musk deer but now produced synthetically) within this particular fine scent. Remember that Aramis really is a formal fragrance.

This fragrance will not be to all tastes. Personally I use it for a formal function rather than a night out on the town. However Aramis is a versatile fragrance and different fragrances smell differently on different people. That said with the length of time it has been on the market Aramis Aftershave for men is unlikely to cause offence.

Source by R Reed