Nandita Amber Fragrance Oil Review

Nandita oils are probably my favorite fragrances oils because of the careful formulation and unique character of each individual oil. Previously I reviewed Nandita Lavender and found that it works best as a perfume and better yet when it is slightly warmed. Even warm skin will do the trick. That holds true for Nandita Amber as well. The scent develops more character as it settles into your skin and warms up.

Overall it is an excellent representation of amber. Sensual, warm, sweet and well, delicious actually. The warmth and sweetness works as a tremendous mood elevator and in my case, creates a desire for rich, sweet foods. Of course scent is highly subjective and you may not experience the same craving, but you will find this scent lives up to the adjectives usually used to describe it. Lightly musky, sensual, warm, exotic and very faintly sweet.

Nandita oils are made with “copulin” agents. Which are supposed to have attractant qualities like pheromones. I can’t vouch for the science behind that claim but I can state with conviction that this would be a wonderful perfume for when you are feeling mysterious and sensual. Like all the other Nandita perfumes a roll-on applicator as well as a dropper cap are included in the box. This is a fragrance oil and it is designed to be worn on the skin without dilution unlike pure essential oils. Which should never be applied directly to the skin. It is alcohol free and contains only natural ingredients so it is safe for Vegans as well.

You can use this oil in a variety of ways. 10-15 drops in a warm bath, 10-15 drops in a carrier oil or cream for wonderfully scented massage, 10 or so drops in your candle making ingredients or a few drops on a potpourri. I find that it works wonderfully well in an oil warmer. About 10 drops in the container and then filled 3/4 of the way to the top with water. Again, warmth does amazing things with this oil and those few drops in an oil warmer will scent an entire room with a seductive, warm and very sensual fragrance for you to enjoy with someone special.

Source by Connor MacLeod