CAD Design System And Its Contribution To Society

What is CAD? CAD or Computer- aided design has revolutionized the function of computer technology in terms of processing design, documentation and implementation. It seeks to economize the modern construction and manufacturing using vectors and graphic-based softwares.

CAD has long been integrated in most of our societal affairs. It is mostly applied in automotive, architecture and other important social and mechanical industries. Its complex and powerful capabilities has even produced what people enjoy most in computer animation, special effects and advertising. Even your favorite cosmetic containers, perfume bottles and other everyday things are designed using the

CAD technology. Its economic contribution to society is the driving force of the powerful and even the developing nations around the world.

CAD is widely used in the field of industrial art. Some examples are the designs of commercial buildings and other structures like factories, hospitals and residential houses. Through this design system they engineer detailed models of the physical component, analyze products and materials, strengthen the foundations and improve the whole body of construction. Our society has undergone a huge leap of progress using this technology that it’s hard to construct without it anymore.

In fact, this technology has become a necessity within its own category since it has lower product development cost and efficient designing process thus saving the government’s budget. In the field of engineering, the use of CAD design system provided effective solutions to water, drainage and electrical problems. On the other hand, Electrical CAD System allows the electrician to manipulate circuit designs and other electro-mechanical layout to better the system of certain infrastructures whether it is private or public.

The Architectural CAD System is great for spatial designs like home and landscaping projects. Movie goers experience the power of CAD Animation through 3D modeling and animation. It transcends the movie experience because it excites all of our senses and mental processes. These technologies not only develop societies and improve the way of living but it also builds relationships from building partners.

The need for programmers increases as our society advances. Today, most universities offer programs and spend cutting money on edge technology to integrate CAD skills to their students. Consequently producing quality CAD experts. In a similar trend, both big and small companies reduced the labor force since it has been replaced by computer aided technology. These have good and bad effects to the economy but as they say progress has a price.

Source by Greg Pierce