Is the Art of Collecting Treasures Becoming An Obsolete Hobby?

Are you a collector or do you know someone who is? What do you collect and why do you collect those items that have become treasures to you? Collectors are passionate about the special things they amass such as stamps, antique cameras, coins, perfume bottles, antique books, antique writing implements, antique model cars, model airplanes or model trains. These collectibles, regardless of size or price of investment is a valuable leisure pursuit for the individual collector. Collecting can also be relaxing and a form of escapism.

As little children, there is an affinity to collect odd-shaped or different colored rocks, seashells, dolls, trains, baseball trading cards and other little trinkets that fascinated us and piqued our curiosity. Kids become the unofficial caretakers and overseers for protecting the things that they collect that are now little treasure troves for them. Often, the feeling of possessing something special and building on that priceless treasure adds power and value to it.

While some believe that the art of collecting is becoming an obsolete pastime or career, a resounding amount of collectors, curators, docents and other enthusiasts know that it is still appealing among individuals who are passionate about collecting and those who are fascinated by the aesthetics and character of these nostalgic treasures.

In this age of computerization and digital technology, we have shorter attention spans and overcrowded leisure time. There are still many clubs, publications and global organizations who continue to strengthen the art of collecting in their specific genres. The modern way collectors and their treasures are being introduced and exposed to the public is through the use of online distribution, auctions, traveling exhibits and revamped periodicals like Collectors News, now known as Treasures.

It may seem like the art of collecting is a thing of the past, but it is still a thriving business or personal hobby. While collections are cherished and nostalgic to those who began or inherited a collection, nowadays many are a little nervous about leaving their assets in the hands of someone who would not appreciate the significance and fringe benefits of their investments. Fortunately, there is a surge of new and young collectors who will keep the art and movement alive. Regardless of the way it may appear, the art of collecting treasures is far from becoming obsolete.

Source by Kym Gordon Moore