How To Become A Perfume Collector Without Breaking The Bank

Low pennies for big smellies!

If there is one thing that unites us all, it’s a love of things that smell nice. Some smells just sit nicely in the hearts and minds of every individual. It could be the smell of freshly cut grass on a warm summer afternoon, the salty tang of the sea inhaled deeply after a long hot drive through the countryside or that smell of fresh wood burning on a campfire. When these things aren’t available though, we like to get our fix of great smells through perfume or aftershave. Some people can’t get enough of nice smells so try to collect as many of them as possible. For many of the top designer perfumes there is a major price gap which some people just can’t span, no matter how much they crave those nasal experiences.

If you want to start collecting, here is an easy guide to get you off and running:


Before you head down to one of your local perfume stores and start filling your basket with the first shiny bottles that catch your eye, you should first do some research and make informed decisions about what you want to collect. Some people collect what they like, others collect perfumes which are famous for some reason or others collect the most exclusive perfumes no matter what they smell like (e.g. Imperial Majesty $215,000 a.k.a. the most expensive perfume in the world). When you have decided what you want to collect you can narrow down you targets and select the ones you can afford.

Clever Sourcing

There are a couple of ways of escaping the inflated prices some department stores and perfume brands charge for a bottle. First stop should be a website or outlet store that sells cheap fragrances. Buying perfumes online from a discount store can introduce you to plenty of exciting new fragrances that you may not have come across or allows you also to find, probably, the best prices available. The other place you can go for a special fragrance you are hunting for is the manufacturer. With a nicely worded letter or a man on the inside you can possibly bypass the retailers and get your fragrance right from the source. Manufacturers send out samples of fragrances and fake tan to publications all the time so why shouldn’t they send you, an impassioned fan, a free sample too? Maybe you can even start a blog about new perfumes, build your readership and then ask them…

Hope this helps. Good luck!

Source by Sam Qam