Why Spend $40.00/$50.00 or More, on Perfumes that Don’t Even Last and Have Harsh Alcohol?

First of all, you may ask, “What exactly are Perfume Oils?”

Perfume Oils are the pure oils that perfumes are made from. Island of Eden’s Perfume Oils are alcohol and chemical-free. Perfumes and colognes that one may purchase for $50.00 or more in department stores contain an average of only 33% pure perfume oil, and the rest (67%) is alcohol, water, butane, etc. Alcohol “kills the soul of the plant or flower essence.” Butane is used as a sort-of lighter-than-air fragrance carrier. It causes the perfume to have a powerful scent when first sprayed, but fades away quickly.

The reason you can buy perfume oils for such a low cost, is connected to low overhead, and the perfume oil industry’s general practice of selling the product at a fair price. When you pay for the high-end designer brands, you are paying for a fancy bottle and a designer name. Our perfume oils are the highest quality you can purchase! Don’t be fooled by other perfume oils, there are different grades of oils! Island of Eden’s oils are very concentrated, and are the best perfume oils you can buy! Even other perfume oil companies may dilute their oils down. Try ours and you’ll experience the difference!

Why do designers use alcohol in their perfumes anyway if it’s so bad?

All commercially available “perfumes” are actually perfume oils with fillers. First, and foremost, it causes the perfume oils to evaporate faster than they would by themselves – up to 10 or 15 times more quickly! This gives the impression that the perfume is 10 or 15 times stronger than it actually is. That is why, when you first put on a fragrance, the aroma may sometimes seem overwhelming to those around you. It is also why the scent is almost all gone within one or two hours. The perfume oils have evaporated along with the alcohol!

The second reason for all those fillers is just ‘good’ marketing — a bigger bottle containing fragrance plus fillers seems like a much better value than a smaller one of pure oil. This illusion is further reinforced by the strong, short-lasting, alcohol driven aroma.

So what’s wrong with alcohol anyway?

**Alcohol tends to kill off some of the most beautiful notes in many fragrances, which in pure form, are truly delicious.

**Alcohol isn’t really good for you. Perfume fillers generally use ethyl alcohol, sometimes called ethanol. Your body considers ethanol to be a poison and many people who think they are allergic to perfume are actually allergic to the alcohol in the perfume

**Alcohol is a drying agent — used by industries all over the world as an additive to make thing evaporate very quickly. Unfortunately for you, as the alcohol evaporates, it also takes away the fragrance and your own natural body oils along with it, drying your skin as it goes!

Your fragrance will last, and last, and last…with Perfume Oils!

Since Island of Eden’s Perfume Oils are undiluted, you can expect your fragrance to last literally hours and hours! Not only will they last on you, they will last years in their bottles! Many people are not aware that perfumes with fillers spoil! (Ever noticed how your department store brands went “bad” after a year or so?) Industry experts say 6 to 18 months is the usual shelf-life of a perfume, depending on the components and their quality. But, perfume oils will retain their fragrance year after year!

Why are your perfume oils called “Types?”

The formulas for designer perfumes are very well-kept secrets indeed, but trained and experienced fragrance professionals can pick apart the elements of most fragrances. Augmenting these skills with modern chemical techniques, such as the use of gas-liquid chromatography, helps make it possible to match a given fragrance with the same or better oils. Because of the mystery surrounding the fragrance industry, you might think that fragrances are the private property of the designers, but the courts have held that fragrance is something that belongs to nature and not to any individual. Therefore a fragrance cannot be patented or copyrighted, and a manufacturer cannot prevent someone else from matching or improving upon any aroma in whole or in part.

Of course, the brand name of a designer fragrance can be copyrighted or registered and others may not use that name to their profit. That is why we are so careful to point out that we are not offering the originals – we call ours “Types” to make the difference clear.

How do I use Perfume Oils?

To apply perfume oil, just dab a bit on the backside of your hand (it mixes better there with your body chemistry) and then rub it on your neck, arms, and anywhere skin meets skin, etc. Perfume Oils never change, do not evaporate, and are inexpensive and versatile. Basically, perfume oils are what you purchase for yourself or for a gift when only the real thing will do. Why pay high-end prices, for fancy bottles, and a name? If quality is what you’re really after, you’ll love these, and never go back to alcohol ridden perfumes and colognes. After all, aren’t you worth it? We think so!

Below are some great uses for Perfume Oils (Other than wearing them) that customers have sent us.

1. Add a few drops to your bath water for a beautifully fragrant aroma.

2. Add a few drops to your ceiling fan blades to freshen up your home.

3. Add a few drops to a cotton ball and vacuum it up; it makes your house smell like your favorite fragrance!

4. Add a few drops to a cotton ball and place in an open container then place in your bathroom, closet, bedroom, anywhere! Perfume Oils totally out-last all the room fresheners you buy at retail stores!

5. Want to make your kitchen smell like you’ve been baking the most incredible treats all day long? Add a few drops to some simmering water on the stove! (think Pumpkin Pie Perfume Oil, Hot Fudge Nut Brownies Perfume Oil, and more!) What a great idea for the Holidays, too!

6. Add to your favorite unscented lotion.

7. Add to a few cotton balls in your dresser, your clothes will smell like your favorite fragrance.

8. Add few drops to a cotton ball and place in your dryer and your linens, bedding and clothing will be scented with your favorite fragrance.

9. Add a drop to your brush, and it will make your hair beautifully fragrant.

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Source by Alexa Van Eden