Discover Your Signature Scent This Summer

It’s a wild season in Delhi, the most happening cities of Indian fashion industry. Those uncomfortable sweats and foul body odour should not be your drawbacks. Discover your signature scent this summer. Stay cool and comfortable with an array of fresh fragrances available in the market. Try to chill out with fresh oriental fragrance which gives you the cooling effect on the body.

During this season, you need to feel more relaxed. For this fragrances need to be more fresh, aquatic and citrus. The fragrances must also be alcohol free and have water base. Generally for women, it should be floral and fruity. For men, it should be woody and citrus.

Choose a Scent

Keep an open mind. If you discover a passion for a new scent then go with it. Similarly, try to ignore anything superfluous to the scent; a million pound marketing and advertising spend doesn’t guarantee a good perfume.

Don’t try to understand the usual top notch sales pitch. A restaurant doesn’t tempt you to try some delicacy by telling you that it’s made of butter, flour and eggs. It is always the end result that really matters.

The language of fragrance is confusing. However, it is worth spending some time with a consultant at a good perfume counter. This will help you to identify for more ambery, musky Orientals or white, heady floral according to your preference.

Smell the scent properly. Sniffing the top of a tester that is probably stale or spritizing the air above the counter won’t give you a clear idea. Always spray a paper spill, just misting it. If the liquid puddles, there’s too much of it.

Wait for the first ‘hit’ of scent to evaporate and gie it a sniff. If there is something you like, consult the expert to write the perfume name on the spill and keep it. This will be your reference when you require it.

Remember, perfumes don’t evolve on the skin as much as they used to, but you still need to wear something to know whether or not you are going to be able to live with it.

Lastly, give yourself and your skin – time to appreciate the scent. Lightly mist the skin and don’t rub it to dry it off more quickly. Ask for samples, you can try it different times of the day to make sure it really works for you.

Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t spray a scent into the air and walk through it. It’s a waste. Instead, spray four pumps to mist your skin.
Don’t use perfume behind the ears. The sebaceous glands can alter the fragrance.

Apply perfume to the inside of the elbows, the wrists and in the dip of the collarbone. In a more romantic setting, use a little in the hairline by the temple, for the benefit of anyone who may be whispering sweet nothings in your ear.

If you are going to be sitting down, use a little around the ankle and behind the knee. This is because the scent rises with the heat.

A dab around the navel can be wildly erotic and sexy too.

Source by Mohen Naorem