How to Make Perfume by Yourself

Making your own signature perfume for that special person in your life really isn’t that hard to do. A woman gets excited when she knows her fragrance is unique only to her and that no one else will have that perfume and more importantly, be able to buy it. Getting the right ingredients and making a sample of your mixture formula so that you have a one-of-a-kind fragrance that is only for you is your first step to whisking him away.

Using the right essential oils are of the up-most importance. But before you jump into making your perfect scent you should understand that there are 3 layers of what is called “notes” one of which is a binder to help fuse your oils to make the fragrance that is right for you. Perfumes are blended together in three parts which include a base note that makes the strongest and longest lasting fragrance, and also a top note which is the lightest and least lasting note and will dissipate first. You don’t have to worry about how many essential oils you use because you can use as few or as many as you wish, but you must use the three separate fragrance layers with a binder. This is the most accepted structure when it comes to making any form of perfume.

There are many more you can add to this list but here is small list of essential oils that make up your binders.

Top = lavender, lemon, lime, rose

Middle = Neroli and yang-ylang, clove, geranium, lemon grass

Base = vanilla, cedar, patchouli, cinnamon, and sandalwood

Binders = vanilla and lavender

Your base note oil should be 8 drops, then you should follow that up with 8 drops of your middle note and then you have your final 8 drops of your top note into a pure grain alcohol that is measured out to two and a half ounces. Most people will use Vodka as the pure grain alcohol because it doesn’t have a boozy smell and it is premixed or diluted with distilled water.

Now that you have your fragrance mixture it is time to add your binder. If your selection does not already have your binder oils in it then you add a few drops of your binder oil letting the mixture stand for no less than 24 hours. The longer you let your formula stand the stronger your fragrance will be. This is the time that you continually check to see how your mixture changes in smells so that when you have the right fragrance you can move to the next step.

By adding a couple of table spoons of distilled water to the perfume at this point it will settle your fragrance from changing. Please mix well. Then adding a few drops of glycerin, another fixative to help stabilize your perfume, as it will also help to make your fragrance last longer.

At this point in your chemistry project, before your mixture settles go a head and pour it into a bottle using a coffee filter as a strainer so that you extract any particulate matter left behind from the oils as well as the extraction process.

So as you can see it really is not that hard to make your very own fragrance and drag that man you want to catch out the door when you leave the room.

Source by Guillaume Pall