Zara Perfumes – The Fragrance of Success

Zara’s Rosa Bulgara is a natural perfume for women. It was introduced in 2008, so it’s quite new and was made by Puig. The new Zara perfumery line was made by Carlos Bena’m and Alberto Morillas, two figures in the perfumery world that have earned quite of a reputation in the last years.

Rosendo Mateu, a famous figure in the perfumery industry, created most of the perfumes. I Homme was launched in year 2003. In 2008 there were six fresh releases in Zara’s perfumery – three for women and three for men: the aforementioned Rosa Bulgara, Flor de Azahar, Sandalo, Lirio de Agua, Ambar and Vetiver. The perfumes mentioned are from Zara’s newest perfumery brand called Agua Perfumada.

Zara applies the company’s most distinct feature when it comes to introducing new products. Zero marketing policy. They let the people market them rather than spending millions on advertising. They invest most of their revenue in new stores, discovering new perfumery and other things that are obviously more needed than a marketing campaign in the long run. Zara’s new brand, Rosa Bulgara, is considered “extremely powerful”, “long lasting” and “simply enchanting” by some of the customers.

The aim of Zara’s new fragrance business is obviously breaking into the perfumery industry, and since the economical crisis we are witnessing can really be painful for the company in the long run, breaking into other markets is a desirable thing to do. We’ll be looking forward to finding out about other brands of perfumery from Zara, and we’ll see – maybe there’ll be more Zara perfumery shops in Europe in a few years than there are clothing shops. One thing is certain – Zara won’t give up and they’re in it for the long haul!

Source by Kelsie Polsier