6 Exciting Reasons To Create Your Own Herb Garden

You labor over your lovely little patch of culinary foliage in sweltering heat, competing with bumblebees that are trying to pollinate the very blooms that you want in a vase at the center of your dining room table. You arm yourself with squirt bottles of insecticidal soap to battle elusive pests that sneak out at night after you’ve gone to bed to chew fresh herb leaves down to the stalk. You forge attacks against prolific weeds before they take over your herb garden. You carefully groom each herb and struggle to keep up preserving their fragrant offspring on drying racks and in oils and vinegars.

And you love it so much that you anxiously await each spring when the garden centers are blossoming with rows of new-born fresh herbs ready to be chosen and planted in their new home.

Why do you put yourself through this year after year?

And if this is your first year of herb gardening what do you have to look forward to?

Here are 6 exciting reasons to cultivate your green thumb by creating your own herb garden:

1. The tranquility of sitting outside and enjoying the bees, birds, and aroma created by your beautiful crop of culinary herbs. Surrounded by fresh plants, flowers, vegetables, and maybe a small water fall is a fantastic environment in which to take a few deep breaths and meditate after a long day or to help get your morning off to a refreshing start.

2. Caring for your precious plants is a special kind of relaxation. There’s great therapy in the simple acts of watering, weeding, and grooming your herb garden. As each drop of water nourishes your plants their leaves release intoxicating aromas. Let yourself get lost in the gentle flow of water and fragrance.

3. The excitement of seeing your babies grow to reach their full delicious potential. It’s quite satisfying to watch your herbs propagate from tiny 3-inch tall stalks into tall bushy full-grown plants.

4. One of my favorite reasons for growing herbs is the intense flavor they lend to just about every dish and drink I make. Fresh herbs are one of the least expensive and healthiest ingredients you can use to make food taste amazing.

5. Pairing herbs with other flavors provides endless creative possibilities in the kitchen. See what new combinations you can develop to give each of your dishes a signature flair.

6. Fresh flowers perfume the inside of your house with the scent of spring. Most herbs produce vibrant colorful blooms around late summer to early fall. These make beautiful flower arrangements for table centerpieces and natural photography backgrounds. They also provide a scrumptious supply of nutrients for bumblebees and birds.

Herb gardening is not difficult. It is laborious though: a fine example of a ‘labor of love’. But then aren’t most worthwhile endeavors?

Source by Jennifer Darden