Three Secrets for Clueless Husbands on Valentines Day

Romance is difficult for guys at the best of times however Valentines day puts just a little pressure on all relationships, if you get it right, the day and night will remain unforgettable however if you get it wrong, you can be in the dog house for months, so here are 3 foolproof secrets for designing your day.

Secret No 1 – NEVER EVER EVER, do nothing or ask your wife want she wants for Valentines day.

Because to her it’s not necessarily the special day that’s important but it’s all about what you do, and how you do it! And it doesn’t matter how long you have been together or what she says. Sure you can spend a fortune, fly her to Venice every year or wine and dine her at the most expensive restaurant in town, but if you do the same thing every year then it’s not going to mean much as it’s all about making her feel special.

Thoughtful gifts are great too but it’s also the little things that will ultimately count and becoming spontaneous or creative on Valentines day is definitely important.

Even if your on a budget, and have truck loads of kids – Valentines day can be awesome, If your wife has been running around all day, working, looking after the kids. Place a little love note on her pillow. Draw little love hearts and tender messages on the bathroom mirror!

Invest in some candles, rose petals or bath and massage oils. Run a bath, throw in some perfume and rose petals, put on her favorite music. Lightly massage her heads or shoulders or offer to massage her feet or leave her in peace. Make some alternate arrangements with the kids (take to the in laws or wear them out at the park). Teach them to also be caring and romantic to mum on this special day. Beds can be made, rooms tidy, etc, etc.

Set up a romantic table with a new tablecloth some red napkins, order Pizza and pretend you’re in Italy or Venice.

Secret No 2 – Think and plan – Be creative, put some effort into it. You want to show her you have put thought into pleasing her this Valentines day.

If your going to give flowers, be creative! Give eleven red roses and one white rose. Attach a note that reads:

“In every bunch there’s one who stands out and you are that one.” or “others pale in insignificance around you.”

Send a thank you card & more flowers to your mother in-law “thanking her for having such a wonderful daughter.” (OK this one may be hard, but imagine brownie points from the mother in-law too).

Change your routine, unplug the computer (or TV), add a naughty note saying “tonight you are the only one I want to turn on” or “tonight play games with me.”

Don’t just walk into the house the way you always do. Tonight, ring the doorbell and greet her with one red rose and a bottle of champagne (if capable, carry her over the threshold).

Make a coupon book, listing special hugs, kisses, quality time and some of the things she nags you about and include them (be prepared to follow them out though i.e. I will get a haircut )

Special poems and love notes on cards will make the world of difference or better yet “make the card” enlist the help of others females in your life if you have too. What have you got to lose?

If you have been together for a while, think of what you both used to love doing together when you first got together. Use some of these memories when planning your day.

Secret no 3 – Romance is not spelt S.E.X! It’s all about her version of Romance – so plan the whole romantic day for her!

Don’t be crass, rude or expect something in return. If the best romantic gift is the gift of time and the best romantic present: is you, then be the perfect gentleman. The unasked-for gift is often the most appreciated. The surprise gift is definitely the most cherished.

Romance her like Don Juan, Romeo or Clark Gable. Romance her every day in every way. Use every single idea in this article in fact treat every day like Valentines day and then think up one thousand and one more ways to be romantic. And you may be surprised at the outcome.

If you have commitments and have to work during the day, plan a special breakfast before work. Send romantic touching texts during the day, hire a tux or change into “courting clothes before you get home.”

Here are some extra tips to ensure you can’t go wrong with Valentine’s romance even if at home. Go to the local video store and hire out the most romantic movies – “An Officer and a Gentleman”, “Valentines Day”, “An Affair to Remember”, “Casablanca”.

Set the scene with the most romantic mood music – Barry White, Sade or your wife’s favorites (score extra brownie points by remembering and playing your wedding or meeting song) or you can always fall back on the most Romantic Song ever made for Valentines day, “You are so Beautiful” by Jo Cocker.

Hey Guys, just remember these three secrets and follow some of the above tips and you could be surprised how easy and rewarding Valentines Day really is.

(If you are reading this after Valentines Day and you completely missed it or screwed it up. Surprize your wife by planning a “Clayton’s” Valentine Day anyway! I wager, it will get you out of the dog house sooner.)

Source by K Burley