Why is it So Important to Choose the Correct Perfume?

A perfumes scent is as important as any item of jewellery or any accessory. A fragrance needs to work with you and your individual style. So how do you choose a fragrance that is right for you? Perfumes have been around for centuries – many of them to try to cover up any unwanted scents. Today choosing the perfect women’s perfume is a little more sophisticated. Men may simply opt for a cologne that their partner has bought them or perhaps a sample on an after shave or perfume and cosmetics counter – it could be a scent that they have worn for years – no matter what occasion or no matter how they are feeling or no matter if that particular scent suits them.

Perfume for women is a little more of a delicate choice. Take time smelling fragrances at perfume counters. Perhaps ask for a sample so you can try the perfume out at home and on a night out. Many perfume manufacturers want you to buy their fragrances and will give you sample bottles – don’t be afraid to ask at the cosmetics counter. There are many scents available – many people being enticed by celebrity brands. What fragrance though do you get excited about? Is it a floral, woody or fruity one. Does it fit into the occasion? Women’s perfume should represent the person that they are. Try on the perfume – not too many on yourself!

Put it on your wrist and let it blend. Remember less is more. One of the best ways to wear a perfume is to spray a fine mist of the fragrance in the air and walk through – allowing the scent to wrap around you. This way the perfume is not too overpowering. Make a note of how many people comment on the fragrance that you are wearing. The perfume needs to become you. A good scent is worth the wait. It is not as simple as a man’s after shave. Women’s perfumes are special – something to treasure and be proud of the you have found that something that makes you feel special when you wear it – the right choice in perfumes.

Source by Joanna Williams