Perfume Review – Euphoria by Calvin Klein

Euphoric! Yes, that was exactly what I felt by the time I saw the bottle. The horizontal-oval-shape lent an elegance into its perfume existence, which in the end uplift the whole existence of my being as well. At least, that was what I thought it would, then.

Launched in 2005, created by Carlos Benaim, Long Doc and Dominique Ropion, a small cult had been being surrounding this fragrance, thanks to its beautiful base notes composition.

When I sprayed it at the first time, I noticed a bit of clean amber stroke all the fruits tenderly before its dissipating into the curtain behind. Then, the pomegranate spread its wings, soared up and gone. Bergamot arose and stayed long and through.

Afterward, the heart notes revealed their floral beauty of slight violet. It blended perfectly well with bergamot. Further, my nose found the beauty of rose hip enclosed them, like a red envelope containing a soft green paper full of love words. Euphoric, enticing and tempting, it was close to the skin with good longevity.

The drydown – again – revealed its amber beauty of cinnamon topped by woods. Quite vanillic, it smelled extremely sensual though a bit heady. Sweet, but not overly sweet because of a hint of violet.

I found that it grew better in cold, dry weather. All the notes seemed rearranging themselves in an orchestra of aroma. In humid, hot weather, it was like a water pouring onto my skin: fresh, cool, pure nothing.

Top Notes: pomegranate, green notes, rose hip

Heart Notes: lotus, orchid, violet

Base Notes: amber, cinnamon, woods

Year of Creation: 2005

Source by Marciana Made Padmi