Is My Wife Cheating? – 10 Peculiar Signs to Observe

Have you been observing some suspicious changes with your wife and because of these have you been asking yourself for quite sometime, “Is my wife cheating?” A wife who is cheating, most often than not, also act the way or make the same excuses men do when they are cheating on their wife. However, there are peculiar signs to observe for you to be able to confirm if your wife is cheating on you.

  1. When your wife, all of a sudden, has packets of birth control pills in her handbag or in the medicine cabinet when she has stopped using them for quite sometime.
  2. When she completely stops wearing her wedding ring outside the house.
  3. When your wife has new sets of skimpy and lacy underwear in her lingerie drawer.
  4. When she suddenly changes her perfume to a scent that is alluring and very much different from what she has been using all these years.
  5. When she stops telling you about her day in the office or at home and asking you for your opinion or advice.
  6. When she is always at the hair dresser or having her nails done almost everyday and very preoccupied with her appearance.
  7. When she becomes irritated or annoyed when you try to embrace her or romance her.
  8. When she is always grumpy at home, irritated with the kids and would have tantrums and pick up fights for very minor things.
  9. When she would suddenly be spending more on clothes.
  10. When she would be startled every time the phone rings and would rush to answer the phone herself.

There are a lot of other signs to observe but if you really know your wife well, a tiny deviation from her daily routine should already make you doubt. Sometimes, your wife is doing these variations in her daily routine because she needs your attention. If such is the case then give her the attention she needs so that she will not try to find it from another man.

Source by Jumby Navarro