Show Someone You Care With Luxury Home Fragrances

There are certain times of the year, whether it is Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or on anniversaries or birthdays, when the men folk among us need to get our thinking caps on to show our loved ones how much we care about them, by giving them a gift which shows some thought and attention in its selection.

Flowers, chocolates and perfume tend to be the perennial favourite choices on such occasions but while no doubt welcome they are hardly the most imaginative choices. So when trying to think of something a little different have you ever considered giving someone a beautiful candle or reed diffuser as a gift? And if not, then why not? Home fragrances have come on in leaps and bounds since the days of the foul-smelling euphemistically titled air freshener which used to lurk in the cupboard under the sink to be called upon to mask the smell of a rain-drenched pet dog or last nights takeaway dinner – usually to no avail. The best home fragrances these days use essential plant oils and extracts for their fragrances, rather than synthetic fragrance compounds, to ensure a you receive a product which truly reflects the scent it is supposed to portray.

And not only are home fragrance a delight to smell, they are also just as appealing to the eye. Nowadays you can find candles or reed diffusers in a whole host of colours, designs and fragrances so you will have no difficulty in finding one to suit even the most demanding of recipients. Put bluntly, if you cannot find a suitable scented candle or fragrance diffuser from the choices available, you simply are not trying hard enough. Candles and diffusers are to be found in a variety of scents from the ever-popular floral aromas such as rose, gardenia or geranium redolent of spring or summer gardens, to the woodier, muskier scents such as sandalwood, cedar or patchouli, which are perfect for those colder autumn or winter evenings.

And it is not just when it comes to the fragrance that you have such a great choice. You can choose from simple votive candles, ornately decorated jar candles, pillar candles or even scented candles in tins, which make a great, self-contained gift. Or if you are still not sure which candle your loved one would prefer you could always opt for a scented candle gift set, usually comprising a number of differently coloured and scented candles, so that your recipient can experiment before deciding on their favourite.

And if all else fails and you genuinely cannot seem to find a scented candle that you think is right, you always have the option of the new modern alternative, the reed diffuser. Reed diffusers are similar to scented candles in that they derive their aroma from essential plant oils, naturally occurring in nature. Where they differ from scented candles is that they do not need a flame or indeed any power supply to work. All you need to do is insert the rattan reeds in the scented oil and wait till the diffuser does it magic, filling your home with subtle fragrance! While scented candles provide a homely, welcoming touch to any room, reed diffusers are, perhaps, a little more contemporary in style. So, if your home is decorated in a more modern style you may be tempted to go for a diffuser for your home fragrance needs; if you favour a more traditional style of decor, then scented candles may suit you better. The choice is yours!

Source by Alex Muir