The History of Rigaud Candles

What is the hype about a Rigaud candle? Everything from the wicks to the wax is top of the line, signature, and Rigaud quality. The wicks are made of braided, natural cotton and they have a zinc wire core. They are attached to a metal star and centered in the container. Each wick will react differently depending on what fragrance and even the size of the container. Rigaud does their absolute best to find the right wick for each candle.

In 1852, Jean Baptiste-Rigaud founded the company and began by importing essences from around the world. Rigaud started out as a perfumery and they expanded to candles and their fragrances were adapted into the wax using a 10-12% concentration (higher than an eau de toilette). This same quality of fragrance is used in their diffusers and vaporizers with a higher concentration. His creativeness extended to the unknown field of marketing and in 1868 he conquered the American market where he won the leading place thanks to large-scale promotional investment.

The Rigaud candle was created in 1950 by Madame Rigaud who had the original idea of opening a House Gift Shop, Offering environmental fragrances. This is how the Rigaud was born.

Rigaud uses a patented soft wax in their candles that has been deemed the highest quality wax in the candle world. This soft wax guarantees that the fragrance will stay true. The wax’s texture allows the candle to have a lower melting point of about 42 degrees Celsius thus helping it liquefy quicker than other candles. Because it can do this, the soft wax diffuses the fragrance immediately and constantly without an unsightly crater. These candles use ingredients that are biodegradable and are respectful of the environment.

Rigaud’s great achievement was to combine successfully in a candle, fragrance and wax which, when burning, released the wonderful Rigaud scents. They also, are the only candles in the world with a long burning capacity. The Standard and Recharge burns for 50 hours, where as, the Demi and Mini burn for 25 hours and 12 hours respectively.

A Great Customer: In the 1960’s, the Rigaud Green Cypress Candle gained notoriety with a very special customer, Jacqueline Kennedy. As the candle was always burning at the White House, visitors would often comment upon the delicious scent traveling throughout the public and private rooms. Kennedy loved to place these candles all throughout the White House because of the vibrant smells that were left in each room.

Different Scents: The best known Rigaud Candle that was created first was Cypress (green). Then came Cythere (red), Chevrefeuille (dark blue), Santal (brown), Lavande (pale blue), Santifolia (pink), Tournesol (yellow), Violaine (purple), Gardenia and Garrigue (light green) rosemary and thyme scented candle.

The next time you see Rigaud Candles take a moment to smell the different fragrances. Remember that the quality and the history of the Rigaud line give a wonderful scent for the home and family. These candles truly are well worth the money. It is no wonder that as Rigaud is still going strong after many years in business, it continues its reputation of style, smell, quality, and beauty.

Source by Brittney Hatch