Understanding Fragrances: Florals

Think about it, we eat different types of food, one day we might choose Italian, the next day Chinese. So why wouldn’t we want to understand the various fragrances and create a perfume collection that contains a variety of scents that are appropriate for your different moods and occasions. In order to construct this perfume […]

What Is the Perfume Ingredient Labdanum?

The origin of the labdanum perfume ingredient is the cistus creticus and cistus ladanifer shrubs. These rockrose plants primarily grow in various regions of the Mediterranean. This sticky brown resin is commonly used in perfumes and in home remedies or herbal medicine. Labdanum is often seen in the woody type of fragrance. Sourcing the labdanum […]

How To Be Extra Seductive For Your Boyfriend! Follow This and Make Him Want You More Than Ever

There’s lots of fun ways to spice up your relationship and avoid boredom in the bedroom. Here’s some examples of ways to keep things hot and be extra seductive to your man: Leave Him a Sexy Note Get his mind going and keep his thoughts on you all day by leaving him a sexy, preferably […]

New Designer Hero Mandarina Duck Green Mobile Phone

There is a flow of designer mobile phones in the market. All the famous designer life Prada, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana or others came together with mobile phone brands and launched the variety of phones. In this race one new designer has also come with its innovation called Mandarina Duck phones in three exciting colors […]

How to Start a Home Based Perfume Business

Here is some helpful information to get you started, and you can find a lot more on the internet. Perfumes must have an aromatic component which could be natural, such as a flower extract, extracts from various plant materials, or essential oils. Or it could be synthetic, as found in most of the more affordable […]

How To Choose Your Most Compatible Fragrance

Choosing the fragrance most compatible with your body and natural pheromones is important. Making this choice means learning the best way to do so. Buying a complimentary fragrance is not just picking up any brand and using it. Make your choice by being informed about certain aspects of fragrances and how they fit with your […]

Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky – The Affair That Made History

I could not help but notice what creativity and beauty was born as a result of the termination of the ‘rumored’ affair between Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky in Paris France in the summer of 1920. The French film directed by Jan Kounen which was shown in the closing of the 2009 Cannes Film Festival […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Men’s Bikini Underwear

Well, people have always felt that bikinis are women’s novelty in which they can show off their curves and assets in the best possible way. However, it gets very difficult to imagine men wearing something so sexy and skimpy. Hence, men’s bikini underwear was not considered masculine at all. However, there are guys out there […]