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Neroli: The Fragrance that Exudes Contentment

One whiff of this unique fragrance will be enough to make anyone feel immensely contented. Particularly effective for insomnia and depression, it lingers in the air, leaving a sweet exquisite scent behind. Just light an essential oil lamp in your bedroom and it will relax your spirits, balance your mood and relieve any work-related stress […]

11 Writing Ideas for National Fragrance Month in November

Do you wear cologne, perfumes or eau de toilettes? Do you enjoy the essence of pleasant smelling fragrances? Allow those olfactory glands and writing techniques to charm your emotions, as National Fragrance Month is celebrated during the month of November. Typically, this is the time of the year where there is an increase in the […]

How Do I Choose Between Fragrance Lamps and Salt Lamps?

Fragrance lamps and salt lamps are both enjoying a lot of popularity these days. Both have some very good benefits but which one to choose? I will try to give the reader some information to help them make a better choice for their respective situations. Fragrance lamps have been around since the mid 1800s, when […]

How To Choose Your Most Compatible Fragrance

Choosing the fragrance most compatible with your body and natural pheromones is important. Making this choice means learning the best way to do so. Buying a complimentary fragrance is not just picking up any brand and using it. Make your choice by being informed about certain aspects of fragrances and how they fit with your […]

Want to Get A Designer Fragrance? Here Are Some Helpful Pointers

It may seem like a silly idea but fashion, beauty and scents always go together. Each plays a major role in creating a certain statement not only for every woman but also for men. Thus, it is also important to keep perfumes as a part of your wardrobe. Fragrances do not simply neutralize unwanted smells, […]

Get Your Own Fragrance Website

Most people consider their fragrance products as their favorite household product. That is why you will find many people selling fragrance products and perfumes online. A fragrance business can consist of perfume of course, however you can also include products that will blend well with fragrances, such as makeup and bath and health products. Buyers […]

How To Become A Perfumist And How To Get Fragrance Or Perfume Samples

How do people become perfumist? 1) There are few stages to become a perfumist. In first stage, you have a strong interest in perfumes. You like perfume enough to own a few bottles and follow new releases, can last for years. You probably smell whatever comes through the department stores and have tried a few […]