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Perfume Attraction – Perfume History & Advantages of Discount Perfume Fragrances

Primitive perfumery began with burning of gums and resins for incense used in religious rites of ancient China, Palestine, and Egypt. Then scented plants were incorporated into animal and vegetable oils to anoint the body for ceremonies. By 3000 BC Egyptians were importing large quantities of Myrrh. The Greek word “aromata” described incense, perfume, spices […]

Understanding Fragrances: Florals

Think about it, we eat different types of food, one day we might choose Italian, the next day Chinese. So why wouldn’t we want to understand the various fragrances and create a perfume collection that contains a variety of scents that are appropriate for your different moods and occasions. In order to construct this perfume […]

Perfumes – A Quick Guide to Herbaceous Fragrances

Perfumes are classified into different categories based on their ingredients, character, and notes to make it easier for customers to identify and buy the fragrance of their choice. For those who have a passion for perfumes and also for collectors who wish to know everything there is about the world of perfume, classifying perfumes into […]

Wholesale Perfume and Wholesale Fragrances – The Perks of Belonging To A Membership Warehouse Club

Shopping wholesale can really save you lots and lots of money when buying perfumes and fragrances. Anyone that wears perfume or cologne on a daily basis goes through several bottles of fragrance per year. Perfumes and colognes are generally quite pricey, and it is a good idea to find the best deals that you can, […]