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New Designer Hero Mandarina Duck Green Mobile Phone

There is a flow of designer mobile phones in the market. All the famous designer life Prada, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana or others came together with mobile phone brands and launched the variety of phones. In this race one new designer has also come with its innovation called Mandarina Duck phones in three exciting colors […]

Feuille D’ Menthe: The Cooling and Uplifting Fragrance of Green Grass

Feuille D’Menthe is a blend of several fragrant grass essential oils, with the main ingredients being sage, vetiver, mint and basilic. The perfect combination of these fragrant herbs exudes a rich and fresh aroma, without gloom and turbidity. The addition of mint further accentuates the refreshing and uplifting fragrance, all enveloped in a richness of […]