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How Do I Choose Between Fragrance Lamps and Salt Lamps?

Fragrance lamps and salt lamps are both enjoying a lot of popularity these days. Both have some very good benefits but which one to choose? I will try to give the reader some information to help them make a better choice for their respective situations. Fragrance lamps have been around since the mid 1800s, when […]

Fragrance Lamps, Stone Burner and Wicks – Proper Use, Care, and Cleaning

Catalytic Effusion Fragrance Lamps and Fuels clean your breathing air, killing up to 85% of all germs floating around in your home. Fragrance Lamps also produce those feel good things called “Negative Ions”. Your Catalytic Fragrance Lamp will give you many years of tantalizing aromas and CLEAN HEALTHY BREATHING AIR by following a few simple […]